Friday, April 3, 2009

Just a quick update - hi

Hi lovelies,

I've been a bad blogger for the last while. Life, EDS, work...who knows. I just haven't made the time.

Mostly, it's been depression and anxiety taking over. I have a new shrink that I like (Dr. H). She takes the time to actually sit and figure out the best strategy for working with these issues. She doesn't double book appts and spends 1/2 hour with me. Dr. H also suggests things besides meds to help me deal with stress and anxiety. I hope I can get an appointment with the therapist she suggested too. Meds and therapy have always worked best for me - the most recommended strategy for effective treatment of depression and anxiety. Hmm, I actually fall into a "normal" category for once! I take two meds - she's adjusting one to handle the current acute problems and then will taper the second one to get me off it and on to Cymbalta. Dr. H thinks Cymbalta will help with my EDS pain - I've also heard that. We'll see. If it can eliminate some of the side effects too, that would be great!!!

I've been thinking about a lot of friends lately - some I know in person, others only virtually. Why do I struggle to reach out to people? When I have the energy, I don't have the time (or it's while I am at work and can't talk). When I have the time, I don't have the energy. Nasty cycle. I hope you know I am thinking of you, ok?

Got some sort of GI bug yesterday. Might actually be able to go home early from work today. Wishful thinking. I'd rather work a full day and NOT have this bug though.

It's been exceptionally windy here for the last week. Can't complain too much. It's been over 60 degrees (high 70s) for a couple of weeks now. Spring is here in NorCal. I miss my home back east but I don't miss the weather! Ok, I do have one complaint. The wind blows all the crap (dirt, pollen) from the north of this loooong valley down to where I live. Makes it hard to breathe and/or makes those with allergies miserable! I'm in the former category.

Wishing you all well and happy Friday. Until next time...take care!

(PS: the font I am using here is called trebuchet. Read about the real trebuchets here: - kind of strange that someone would name a font after this war machine.)