Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movin' to Seattle

I've been reluctant to post on this subject but I think it is time... we're moving! This is a good thing for so many reasons but I am mostly excited to live in Seattle. Where we live now is a hot, dry, too sunny, miserable place during the 8 months of summer. We both love the winters here, which are wet and cool. I also miss my native New England and the Seattle area feels more like home.

Currently, my hubster is living in a rental in the Seattle area by himself until I can join him. I gotta say that living in two states sucks. He got a great job and is able to give up being self-employed, which is a good thing considering these economic times. He is less stressed and will now live only 5 minutes from work.

I am giving up a good job that I've had for 9 years, but my boss has agreed to let me stay on part time via computer and Skype to do the things I am best at - editing and grant preparation. It will take the new person a long time to pick up the daily duties I have and to learn my boss' personality, never mind these more specialized tasks. We are calling this a "soft transition". I should also explain that my boss is amazing and has given me a lot of flexibility (no pun intended) to work around my EDS issues, including letting me take 90 minutes from my day to go to PT twice a week.

I'll be able to work from home and not deal with a 30 minute commute every day. I think that will help my EDS and fatigue. 

I'm having serious second thoughts about my plan to help my boss. I thought I would be strong enough to live here by myself until the end of the year. We've had two really lovely weekends up in Seattle together, including a surprise birthday weekend in Victoria, BC. It's been sooo difficult to come back home without my Love. Now we won't see each other for 2+ weeks because of work deadlines. At least I have my cat, but even she is not enough.

All of our furniture is still with me at our house, but we are planning to ship it up to our rental in October. I'll stay here until ___ and then bring myself, my cat, my car, and the little bit of stuff I'll keep with me to our new home. We know we are very lucky to have this opportunity to move to Seattle but we also can't afford to sell our house, so we have to find renters. It is hard to think of other people living in my home, eating from my fruit trees, and clipping my flowers. It's probably the fear of the unknown as well - I might feel more comfortable with the tenants once we pick good ones.

I'm excited to meet some new EDS friends in Seattle. I've already found two EDSers I think I'll get along with, and one of whom lives not far from us. Ironically, I've just met two EDSers here in my current area. Perhaps God is using me to help them meet and provide support to each other - they both have young children (same age actually) with EDS as well.

I've got a lot on my mind that I'd like to share but it's all slipped away at the moment. My growling stomach is using all that brain energy! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh a move, the boxes, the packing, the un packing for that matter! Im happy to hear you and your other will be together again soon. I'm slightly south of Seattle in the Des Moines area, (its by the airport). I use to make the commute to seattle childrens hospital down by the university but decided to give up the commute for various reasons in January, not to mention I wanted time with my little one.

    Im glad to hear you will have things a bit easier. We have been truly blessed with some nice weather this year, I hope it holds out for your arrival, but I cannot promise anything, after all it is the famous rainy Seattle! =)

    I will send good thoughts your way that you find wonderful renters that will enjoy your fruit and tend to your flowers with care and compassion. I can only imagine your fear about leaving your home behind.

    Oh and dont be fooled by our football team, the Seahawks really are a good team, the QB just needs some work, but I see you hail from New England, so you may be bringing some Patriot loyalty with you, I will forgive you...we are so avid about our teams around here! =)

    Take Care and please be careful while packing anything.


  2. Hi from the UK a fellow EDSer. Wishing you happiness in your new home.

  3. I hope someone else is doing the moving for you, even if you have to pack. Take care and don't over-exert yourself!