Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adventures in Joint Taping #2

I'm avoiding the tons of housework I have to do for overnight guests arriving later today. I'm not feeling good and waiting for my meds to kick in. Perfect time for a post!

I went to see my PT on Thursday, two days after the first shoulder taping. The 1st tape stuck really well and I had only taken it off that morning in the shower. I learned a trick too - instead of pulling the tape up, which pulls my skin up, I start the tape by pulling up but then push the skin down to release it from the tape. Both less painful and less traumatic to my skin. My skin did surprisingly well.

I explained to Mat that the tape helped a lot but one of the strips (in front) could have been tighter. I also mentioned that it felt like my shoulder blade was pulling up and my shoulder was falling forward - would it make sense to tape my shoulder blade down too. He said my feedback made perfect sense and we'd proceed with taping the shoulder again that day. So, back to the ultrasound (the thing turned off for a few minutes making the 7 minute session into a 12 min one!), e-stim and ice. Taping occurred just after the ultrasound.

Mat put tape in the same two places as before but tighter and then added a strip that went diagonal from my shoulder all the was past my shoulder blade almost to my spine. It felt weird at first but definitely provided the stability I was lacking last time.

Next was the e-stim and ice. I had the tech turn the stim up higher this time. While I was lying there, I realized why one spot where the sticky "nipple" was placed last time hurt so much - it was directly on an acupuncture spot! Lung 1. They didn't put the lead on the same place this time so no pain. I got to relax there for 15 minutes. My neck hurt and I had to ask for a rolled towel to put under it, despite the pillow I was on. Much better.

Two days later and I feel so much better. My taped shoulder has brought my arm up about 1/2 inch! I definitely feel the squishiness of the right shoulder now, though that one is not as problematic. I think now that my hormones are shifting back to normal, my left shoulder should tighten up again. I'm not interested in pulling this tape off so I'll wait until it starts coming off of its own accord. Yes, I can shower with it - I'm not going to be stinky just for some tape! :)

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