Tuesday, February 24, 2009

End of February update

February is a short month to begin with but it just FLEW by!

I've been wanting to post but have had various reasons why that hasn't happened:
1) feel crummy - shoulder, feet, fatigue
2) brain fog is worse than usual - really can't concentrate or follow logical steps in completing tasks
3) work has been sapping all my energy
4) worked on a project for the EDNF
5) visited family two weekends in a row
6) feel crummy

Here are the topics I've wanted to post on but haven't had energy to:
1) no more tape for me
2) anxiety about shoulder surgery - how to avoid it
3) brain fog - depression? pain? Vit D? not anemia
4) summary of interesting article about changes in the brain from chronic pain
5) sad about not having my own child
6) thinking about the future - education, healing ministry, disability

I can't think of anything else at the moment. I just want to go home. It seems like I get maybe 2 productive hours out of the 8 at work these days. Not such a good average. Sigh.

Hugs to everyone I love and to those I've only just met.


  1. I have a question about #2... are you trying to avoid the anxiety of shoulder surgery, or are you anxious about avoiding shoulder surgery?

  2. Oh, and *hugs* just in case you need them... Stock up, we're in a recession ;)

  3. Ha ha! I see my goof but maybe it is both after all. I want to avoid surgery at all costs but that I can't stabilize my shoulder worries me. There has been no talk of surgery thus far and my PT is great, but I've met so many EDSers who have to get surgery for unstable shoulders. My brother lives in constant pain too from his floppy shoulders.
    It's stressful to be in pain all the time and that alone causes anxiety. I can't imagine living with this shoulder pain and spasms for the years ahead. I'm in my mid (to late!) thirties and my shoulder has been limiting my ability to be productive in some ways.
    The anxiety increases the sensation of pain and that increased pain makes me anxious about possibly needing surgery. One trick is to be less anxious and have somewhat less pain, I guess?
    How are you doing? You have sooo much on your plate these days but it seems like everything is moving forward. Whenever I see 'BubbleGirl' I smile - such a happy name.

  4. Thanks for the hugs! Backatcha!
    Fortunately, in some twisted sense, my brain fog is keeping me from thinking too much about the bigger things in life. It's my husband I worry about though. He's self employed and really feeling the effects of the slide. I give him lots of hugs too.
    Never too many hugs in the world!