Tuesday, October 20, 2009

since the down spell

I got through the down time I was having a few weeks ago. Seeing my husband that weekend and getting my meds sorted out helped a lot. Still having some ups and downs - cried over a dropped baked potato last night (was my dinner and didn't have another one to bake). Been under a lot of stress as I've mentioned before.

An update on the Siamese kitty I was concerned about - she showed up the other night, as she likes to do when my kitty is by the back door, and had a flea collar on. I feel so much better that someone is looking after her.

I've become foster mom to two 6mo old kittens from our neighborhood. They've been hanging out in my neighbor's yard and came to my yard to eat food I'd left out for the Siamese. They are both unneutered girls from the same litter. The only ways you can tell that, though, the similarity in their faces and that they are both gray. Luna is the 8 pound dominant female (below). Ruby is a petite 5 pounds and has no tail (manx-ish; top). My husband wants to keep Luna so I need to find a home for Ruby. All of the shelters in our area are not accepting any more cats. They are completely full and have even more cats in foster care. So sad! 

It's going to be hard for me to split the girls up but we already have a lovely older kitty (8yo) Aubrie and she is completely overwhelmed by the terrible twosome. Sigh.

I've taken the girls to the vet for check ups and they are both healthy, thankfully. I think Luna will be going into heat soon so I need to get her fixed. Ruby seems to be underdeveloped socially so I'm working with her to hopefully bring her up to speed. They are both litter trained, which is nice. Oddly, or coincidentally, or unfortunately(?), there is a very friendly male cat in the neighborhood who lives across the street from the street's mailbox and has a striking resemblance to my kitties. He likes to follow me home and get lots of scratches (he drools though - blech). His meow is also high-pitched and soft like Ruby's. My guess is he got someone else's cat pregnant. The girls are not feral but they are WILD around the house like the crazy kittens they are. They are a lot to handle and it seems someone was not interested in doing so. Now that they've been treated for fleas and have regular food, water, and shelter, they seem quite happy.

I am most concerned for Aubrie, who is regularly terrorized by one or the other of the kittens. Ruby likes to block Aubrie's way through any door or hallway, and Luna loves to bat at Aubrie's tail when she is eating (I figure Luna is used to Ruby's lack of tail!). I've kept Aubrie in my room at night so we have some peace. I am also experimenting with keeping the kittens in a room together so Aubrie can freely roam the house again (good plan so far). I'm just waiting for Luna to open the door though - the doors are handles not knobs, and Luna jumps up and pulls down on the handle to open the door. We'll see when I get back home! Yikes!

It's been an interesting journey with cats lately. I've wanted to be a foster mom, just didn't expect it to be for kitties! Well, they do keep me distracted from the loneliness at home without my husband. A project of sorts.

Not much to report re: EDS. My fingers hurt from the change in weather and my neck hurts when I wake up. I got a new nightguard for my teeth/jaw. I'm still adjusting but I think it will help save my jaw from further deterioration (not good on one side). I guess the thing that bothers me most is my mood and a lot of that has to do with my current circumstances.

I am really looking forward to meeting Niki and Nicole in Seattle. I think there is a lot of potential for friendships that might make the transition away from CA a bit easier. Just a few more weeks (~6?)!

Thanks for all your warm thoughts and I want you to know they've helped. Hugs to my 'interesting people'!


  1. I'm glad the kitties offer some distraction, and I hope your emotions even out. I've been getting the weepies lately too. It's coming up on the third anniversary of my dad's death, and if anyone mistakenly calls my step-dad my dad, I almost cry, or if I see kids with their dads, or if I read a book, and there's any mention of a father-daughter relationship... It's quite ridiculous really, for the last few months it's been getting a lot worse... But greif does that.

    I know our circumstances are different, my dad's gone forever, and your hubby is far away... But greif, and/or something like seperation anxiety have a lot in common with eachother.

    Sending you hugs, and happy thoughts!

  2. It might take a while to find homes for your *extra kitties* so best to start working on it now. Plus it's not fair to Aubrie. We have two young cats, but Loki still tries to block Pepper from getting near us at times or he attacks him. We find using the squirt bottle with water to be a very effective deterrent. We keep them in strategically placed locations to keep behavior in check!

  3. Hi you!
    I do have an e-book and I love it! It's still hard sometimes to read for too long. I wrote about it on this post:


    I think I've read upwards of 30 books on it since I got it. It is a lot easier on the hands, and you can adjust the text size, so it's great for when you have a headache. The only problems I've had are when I download .lit files. My BeBook doesn't seem to like them very much.

  4. First, sorry I didn't read your blog til tonight. Been busy with my dog & life ...

    Glad to hear that the Siamese has a home.
    The two kittens.. it's going to be hard for you to find them a home. All the rescue places are full .. due to the economics of our world lately.

    Keep trying to get the kittens to adjust to being indoor ...

    I hope you feel better soon. Emotionally too.

    You could bring the kittens to the Seattle area. Our rescue situation is actually going to get worse. The county is shutting down all their facilities in April or so. So, it's going to all be foster homes or rescue groups.

  5. Hi Elise, It's wonderful to have found your blog. We have corresponded some before. I remember sharing about the whale who went up the Sacramento River for a while. Seems like we share a love for animals. We've adopted two cats and my brother has adopted four cats in West Virginia. He's gotten some help with spaying and neutering from a local humane society and has taken them all in. Like your Luna and Ruby, they are terrors around the house, but he loves them and they love his rural environment. Our kitty videos are on our youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/fechmb0749 Just want to console you and say Mary and I have gone through a job related separation too. It was a couple of months. We managed to visit once and we called almost every day. The time passed slowly at first, but the last few weeks went very fast with anticipation. Would be happy to send you funny things from folks that come my way. Let me know. Humor and laughter are so helpful. Your friend Frank from Carepages.
    http://www.youtube.com/fechmb0749 You'll love Charley, our black tuxedo cat, playing table tennis with me.