Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Spotlight: In a world of hurt" - UCDavis Pain Management

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I feel that this spotlight on pain and pain management from the UC Davis Medical Center really deserves some attention. Though the video does not discuss EDS, the topic is critical in these days of medication addition vs dependence. Also, Dr. Fishman is an amazing physician and has been trained to understand EDS by one of our most knowledgeable EDSers, Maggie Buckley - Advocate Extraordinaire.

"UC Davis gains ground in war on chronic pain

Addiction to prescription painkillers now outpaces illicit drug use as a public health problem in the United States, affecting people from all walks of life — not just celebrities like Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Elvis Presley.

UC Davis is at the forefront of addressing this growing problem. In an eight-minute documentary produced for UCTV, top experts explore why prescription drug addiction is on the rise and how the problem can be stemmed.

You’ll hear from:
  • Scott Fishman, one of the nation’s foremost pain medicine experts, about which painkillers are most often abused, who is most likely to abuse them and how prescription drug addicts obtain their drugs.
  • Richard Kravitz, who studies the health care system, and Michael Wilkes, known for his innovations in medical education, about the role that physicians play, and
  • Professor Prasad Naik, an expert in marketing, about how pharmaceutical advertising contributes to the problem.
You’ll also see inside the UC Davis Health System’s renowned Pain Medicine Clinic, and watch as pain medicine specialists use the latest tools to attack the problem of pain for thousands of Northern California residents."

Video and story link

Videography by Ken Zukin; produced by Paul Pfotenhauer

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