Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love!

Hi everyone,

This is a silly post but maybe it will save you time or stress when you are forwarded a frantic email or text message about some dire event or nasty stuff in the water.

I almost always check and/or Google to see if there is truth in an email or text someone just sent me, that's also obviously been forwarded by 20 other people before them, that purports something horrible will happen if... or did you know... or, like the latest one about impending doom... at Wal-Mart!

This important tidbit about future shootings at Wal-Mart was actually passed on verbally by a well meaning friend who had gotten a text from another friend who had... and you know the rest. While on the phone with her, I immediately checked Google news AND Snopes to confirm my suspicion that this was indeed a hoax/rumor.

I like that the Snopes folks also explain things logically, whether true or false, and will use scientific data as well. Here is an interesting example about cell phone use in hospitals.


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